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Whiskey, Vermouth, Red Bitters

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100ml Cans 29% ABV (58 Proof)


Sophistication Abounds
When you want a cocktail that's going to encourage adventure with a twist of the unexpected, reach for a Boulevardier.

Sure, it’s whiskey's answer to a Negroni but this cult classic is so much more. The whiskey’s caramel notes perfectly match the toasted orange peel and baking spice in our red bitters and sweet vermouth, making for a smooth and rich cocktail experience.

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Tasting Notes

Dried cherry, tobacco, orange and grapefruit zest, baking spice.

"The Boulevardier is a cult classic for a reason. The Negroni and Boulevardier are close relatives but while the Negroni shines as an aperitif, the Boulevardier is the perfect after dinner evening cocktall and certainly more suited to cooler weather"
Miles Macquarrie, Kimball House

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