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Rum, Lime, Sugar

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100ml Cans 24% ABV (48 Proof)
Daiquiris get a bad rap. A far cry from its unholy, frozen cousin, ours is a delicate balance of ingredients, a reminder that this Caribbean crown jewel, when done right, requires expertise of even the finest drink slingers. A tropical classic in its purest form, a precise blend of silver, Jamaican, and aged rums commingles with lime and sugar to do the proper work of chasing the scurvy right out of you.
Tasting Notes

Vanilla and lime aroma with tart sugarcane citrus finish.

"It was, shockingly, sublime. The simple yet difficult-to-balance daiquiri is often considered a litmus test to separate ordinary bartenders from great ones. The fact that a version that stellar came from a can was revelatory."
Kevin Sintumuang, Esquire Magazine

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