A Proper Cocktail Travel Guide to Boston

A Proper Cocktail Travel Guide to Boston

We’re continuing our pursuit of new cities to enjoy cocktails. We just landed in Massachusetts with our tiny cans and it only felt fitting to explore the cocktail scene in Boston. With the help from a few local friends, enjoy A Proper Cocktail Travel Guide to Boston below.

Let us know if there’s any we’re missing that we need to check out!


Brick + Mortar
WHAT’S GOOD: This speakeasy has a variety of classic cocktails, speciality cocktails, and even a DTO (Daiquiri Time-Out) with 4 Daiquiri shots for you and your friends.
WORTH NOTING: This is a hidden cocktail bar so once you find the blue door, you're at the right place!

Citrus & Salt
WHAT’S GOOD: As I'm sure you can imagine, this spot has a huge variety of tequila and mezcal to choose from.
WORTH NOTING: They're currently offering a summer cocktail class on their website with a portion from every ticket sold to the MSPCA. Drinking for a good cause!

Grill 23 & Bar
WHAT’S GOOD: The Toki Sour (made with Suntory Toki Whiskey, Honey-Rosemary Simple, Passionfruit, Lemon, Aquafaba) is incredible.
WORTH NOTING: Beyond cocktails, this steakhouse is known for their celebrated wine program. Since 2017, they have had the Wine Spectator's Grand Award, given to fewer than 100 restaurants in the world.

WHAT’S GOOD: This Thai tapas spot gives a unique take on classic cocktails. Check out their Mahaniyom Sazerac made with thai tea infused rye and their Malaki Daiquiri made with pandan syrup.
WORTH NOTING: Best of Boston deems this spot the Best Thai restaurant.

WHAT’S GOOD: This spot knows how to riff on classic cocktails. Their Espresso Martini is named "Voted Boston's Best", a name that's well warranted.
WORTH NOTING: Try your luck with their Dungeon Master cocktail program. This list has 20 Parla staff original cocktails and none are listed on the menu - roll a die with 20 sides and receive a mystery cocktail!

Blossom Bar
WHAT’S GOOD: The Gloria cocktail is award-winning and a must-try! Made with Bacardi Cuatro Años, Passion Fruit, Lime, Cinnamon, Coffee, and Marscapone.
WORTH NOTING: This beautiful bar is known for its specialty tropical cocktails and Sichuan food. Grab a bite to eat and a tiki drink to enjoy.

Baldwin Bar
WHAT’S GOOD: All of the cocktails here are amazing, from Classic to Reimagined.
WORTH NOTING: The Baldwin bar is set in an old Mansion with a small 12 seat bar on the top floor.

Ivory Pearl
WHAT’S GOOD: Come for the seafood, stay for the cocktails. Their tropical tiki drinks are the best!
WORTH NOTING: This is the perfect spot to grab a cocktail while watching the Boston Marathon.

Wig Shop
WHAT’S GOOD: Drinking a chilled Vesper in a dark speakeasy lounge.
WORTH NOTING: This spot appears to be a wig shop from the outside, but there's a quirky speakeasy that awaits you. This spot is first come, first served.

The Fed at the Langham
WHAT’S GOOD: These cocktails change all of the time with little to no repeats. Trying them all is a must.
WORTH NOTING: This British-inspired cocktail bar is at the 5-star Langham Hotel

Trina's Starlight Lounge
WHAT’S GOOD: Everything they do is simple and good ‑ industry hangout.
WORTH NOTING: This place is what Ria's would be like if they did burgers and booze. Very similar vibe and people and well made, simple cocktails.

Birds of Paradise
WHAT’S GOOD: Fancy high‑end cocktails inspired by travel ‑ lots of exotic spirits and ingredients.
WORTH NOTING: This is a new and buzzy place in town.

Borrachito Taqueria & Spirits Boston
WHAT’S GOOD: "Kinda Like Margarita" cocktails / Cerveza cocktails
WORTH NOTING: New and the sister to a NYC location. Fun bar, good tacos, playful but good drinks. Great location!

NEIGHBORHOOD: Kendall Square
WHAT’S GOOD: Simple but great cocktails, service, wine list.
WORTH NOTING: The restaurant is really cozy and cocktails feel right at the tables. Great people, good vibes.

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