Mack Weldon’s ACE Sweatpants

Mack Weldon’s ACE Sweatpants

Before the pandemic, I hadn't put on a pair of sweatpants in probably 25 years. My loss! As it turns out, the technology has advanced quite a bit since I was a child. Putzing around on the internet one chilly afternoon, trying to find new ways to pass the time comfortably while keeping my family safe and healthy, I stumbled upon Mack Weldon’s ACE Sweatpant.

To justify the $78 price tag, the company boasts of “micro-brushed French terry,” which, as far as I can tell, is literal fancypants speak for “these things feel good as hell when I’m wearing them.” They’re cozy, but not too schlubby, elegant, but not too stuffy. And they’ve got 16 color options, which is good, because I already have three and see no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Here’s the nice thing about developing a substantial sweatpant collection: you can select a bright blue pair as your “going out to dinner pants,” and it feels less like giving up and more like making a carefully curated design decision. The Mack Weldon crew aren’t kidding when they say these pants “look as good on the street as they feel on the couch.” I can’t wait to spend the next 25 years collecting the whole set.

The Finer Things is an unsolicited recommendations series brought to you by Tip Top’s team and friends. Visit Mack Weldon if you’d like to start building your very own substantial sweatpants collection.

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