The Food 52 French Market Tote

The Food 52 French Market Tote

I didn’t ever officially start collecting tote bags, but I’m an enthusiastic cook and I live in a building without an elevator so I’m alway schlepping something. The accumulation happened naturally over time, but at some point my husband instituted a strict one-in-one-out tote bag policy in our tiny home. I have the classics of course- a Boat and Tote that’s old enough to drink a Tip Top, worn out Le Pliages in every color, and the Bon Appetit one that shrunk in my dryer and now holds approximately one bunch of parsley. The most loved though, is the The French Market Basket Tote from Food 52.

What’s so good about this tote? I’m glad you asked. It’s hand-woven from palm leaves so it’s light, but sturdy. And it’s giant- the wide top makes it feel like it’s never totally full, so it’s perfect for schleppers like me. It has double handles so you can hold it with your hands or you can sling it over your shoulder like the chicest person at the farmers market. The bottom is flat, so there’s no tipping over when you set it down (think of the summer stone fruit!).

I’ve used it to schlep the fun: picnics a plenty! beach towels! bouquets of flowers! And the boring: dry cleaning & recycling, and it’s never let me down. Sometimes this bag does cause me to channel my inner French market woman a bit too much- I come home with half the Trader Joe’s flower section and only a baguette for dinner, but that’s a small price to pay when you’ve found the tote.

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